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Every Drop Beverage Products This Model

Every Drop Beverage Products This Model  
Has Breast Touching A liquor company from Germany that carries the brand G-Spirit, claiming to every customer that 'every drop' of alcohol production they had poured into the breast beautiful woman named Alexa Varga, Hungarian origin models the Playboy Playmate of the Year in 2012.  

According to the company, just by paying U.S. $ 180 or about Rp1, 7 million, consumers can find the sensation of an alcoholic beverage made ​​from a mixture of almonds, fruit juice, honey, vanilla, and cinnamon are balanced, slightly spicy and tasted delicious when sampled .  

Production of this unique beverage, just made ​​a bottle of 5000 and completed certificate, original signature model and bottle number, to prove that 'every drop' this drink has really touched the breast model.  
"Having kept for 10 years, the drink is poured over the breasts of a model, which produces an erotic character and unique drinks," the statement listed on their site.  

To add to the thrill, every bottle has been furnished with nude photographs of each model being poured drink into the body.  
The producer alone can guarantee that their products are safe for consumption and meets health standards. "We're certainly concerned about hygiene high. Moreover, we are also a number of medical personnel present to check out the drink," said the two founders of the company on their website.  
In their statement, the two founders of the company stating that they are former bartender, was optimistic that consumers will respond to the products they produce.


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