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Warlord 6 Greatest Women in the World
1. Admiral MalahayatiMalahayati, is one of a female warrior from the Sultanate of Aceh. His real name is Keumalahayati. Keumalahayati father named Admiral Mahmud Shah. His grandfather from his father's line was Admiral Muhammad Said Shah son of Sultan Salahuddin Shah who reigned circa 1530-1539 AD The Sultan Salahuddin Shah was the son of Sultan Ibrahim Ali Mughayat Shah (1513-1530), who founded the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam.In the year 1585-1604, held the position of Chief of the Imperial Guard Commander Barisan Secret Government and the Chief of Protocol of Sultan Alauddin Saidil Mukammil Riayat Shah IV.Malahayati led 2,000 troops Balee Inong (widows of heroes who have died) fighting ships and forts Netherlands on 11 September 1599 as well as killing Cornelis de Houtman in a battle against each other on the deck of the ship, and got his Admiral for bravery This, so he became known by the name of Admiral Malahayati

2. Joan of Arc

It may be said that Joan of Arc is a symbol of the French knight, whose name was he pushed a woman soldier in the military world world. She is a woman who fought directly with British troops in order to get back the soil of France. He memenagi many battles with the French troops before he was caught and sentenced to death in June 1456. but he is still considered a holy woman and a hero most powerful women in the country of France.

                          3. Cordelia E. Cook

Cordelia E. Cook served as an Army Nurse Corps during World War II and stand as the first woman to receive two awards for its actions during the war: the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Cook stationed in Italy and managed to perform his duties as a nurse during tough battles and swarms of wounded and dying soldiers. He was in direct combat while serving treating the injured.

4. Margaret Corbin

Margaret Corbin was a woman who fought in the American Revolutionary War directly. At first she was an ordinary woman, but pernikahanya with John Corbin in 1772 that a fighter should make fight. They both struggle with hundreds of people fought against the British forces, especially in Fort Washington in Manhattan.

                                      5. Jamila

Jamila who has a full name Djamila Bouhired is a bwanita the most famous fighter in the world. He is a national Algerian fighters. Together with other students Algiers, he joined the Algerian National liberation Front. perjuanganya against French occupation in Algiers not only through diplomacy, he was also active in track shootout with French troops.

6. Cut Nyak Dien

Acehnese women born in 1848 is one of the best female warrior who once owned by the State of Aceh and Indonesia. He was with her husband, Uma fought alongside other Acehnese people to expel the Dutch population of Aceh. He was always persistent in the word proclaimed freedom for the people of Aceh. Even in his old age, he continued to struggle against the Dutch though only by the raging spirit

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