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Kanye's song White Dress leaks, so Kim shows him what he's missing in Miami.

"Glam is on another level today!" Kim wrote on Twitter. And by glam, she means her boobs.
Kim Kardashian looks amazing in whatever she wears, but we're a bit in love with this black dress she wore to a photoshoot in Miami yesterday.

Not only is it really flattering on her, but you'd definitely get served at the bar quickly wearing that on a Friday night in town.
Kim was at the shoot with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney to promote the Kardashian Kollection (it's their fashion line) that's launching on 8 November in the UK at Dorothy Perkins. She tweeted "glam is on another level today!" and we have to agree.

She might have been househunting with boyfriend Kanye West earlier in the week, but Kanye's back at work today.

He'll probably be a bit upset that his new track, White Dress, has leaked online. The track, produced by Kanye and RZA from Wu-Tang Clan, is basically about Kim. We think. We're like rap detectives.
Kanye raps: "You the type of girl who deserve a new last name"/ "Your high heels clicking, your lip gloss glisten, your hips start switching ... "/ "Even when we kissing baby girl feel different, Friends still diss me like no he didn't"/ "I used to do things to make you laugh, like order a girl a drink in a masculine glass". That's right people, Kanye's idea of a joke is getting you a Prosecco in a pint glass.

But most exciting of all, he says: "I seen you in the club in a tight dress, but I picture you in church with a white dress." Kim's been very open about how she wants to get married again, so maybe this is the hip-hop version of a proposal?


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