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Work Lazy | Postman at Hoards Italy 400 Kg Letters in House

Because too lazy to do his job, a postman in Rome, Italy threatened to jail. Police found the pile of letters weighing 400 kg in his house.

These letters should be sent to the destination address. However, because the postman too lazy, he does not do the job it should. This case occurred in a suburb of Sardinia, which has 2,000 residents.

Local residents have long complained to the police because they never received hundreds of important documents sent through the mail, "said local police, Gianni, Carlo told AFP.

We went to his house and we found a large number of letters in his garage, "he added.

According to Carlo, the letters are aged yearly. The longest-dated about four years ago.

We found 400 kilograms of letters, all of them are divided into several categories, "said Carlo. Did not say the exact number of letters that the postman hoarded in the house.

As a result of these actions, the postman's 50-year-old threatened with jail. Snared mail theft charges, he could face a maximum of 3 years in prison if convicted.

He looks like a good man, but he was often out at night and having a drink. Maybe it was the cause why he was lazy, "said a local hotel owner, Fidel, responding behavior mailman.

I think he did not want to work, "said a resident of the other.


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