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Bill Gates Chair Take Over Again No1 Worlds Richest People

Microsoft's stock price soaring that drove Bill Gates again become the richest man in the world to shift leaders wealthy Mexican businessman Carlos Slim.

Bloomberg data per Thursday, May 16, 2013, noted Microsoft's stock price rose sharply which is a high sales for five years at U.S. $ 34 per share.

Even so, as reported from business insider,  the billionaire Bloomberg have not updated wealth Gate-to-date. Index still showed Slim as the richest with a total wealth of U.S. $ 73.2 billion. While the Gate is still U.S. $ 72.9 billion.

Microsoft shares rose 26% this year, although the PC market is contracting. Reason for increasing Microsoft shares likely because the company is still able to survive while experiencing the worst case scenario.

In the last quarter, the company reported revenue and operating profit respectively increased 8% and 5%. This is because Microsoft is a company with a diverse business that is not only dependent on PC sales. This helps increase the condition of the PC market.

Microsoft also received strong support when ValueAct bought shares worth U.S. $ 2 billion.

Gates is famous not really care about the money because he is much use of his money to charity. Being the richest man in the world is not its main focus. Through the 'Bill and Melinda Gates', he did a lot of donations to the whole world.


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