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In sneered, Farrah Abraham Proud Selling Video The sex scandal

Farrah Abraham posting a video the sex scandals on the internet. Teen Mom reality star replied negative comments people against porn video.

Farrah's astounding when newly admitted filming a porn video with a professional porn star, James Deen. Initially, the video was recognized Farrah just for personal collection.

But it turns out, the video was sold to the largest porn company, Vivid Entertainment. 21-year-old woman was increasingly under fire because they have been lied to.

In his uploaded videos, Farrah as self-defense by disclosing the reason to make a porn video and then sell it. Mother of four year old children are very proud of selling sex video. He also insinuated that his co-star in the video for leaking news to the media video production.

What would you do if you are a single parent for four years. You realize you are a very amazing person. So, you make your own video, celebrate your beautiful body and take sexy pictures of your own, "said Farrah as quoted by Contact Music.

/ / So you do with people who had come out when he was supposed to announce it when it is not professional. But there are companies that are interested, so why not sell it. And that's what I did, "he continued.


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