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Because More Beautiful and Popular, China Little Girl Killed Classmate

Terrible! A girl in Beijing, China was convicted of a brutal murder of another girl who is a classmate. The killings occurred as 12-year-old child was considered more beautiful than her victim.

Chinese media, Guangxi Channel as reported by, preaching, the boy who was only identified as Qin's jealous classmate, Zhou (13) is more beautiful and more popular.

Guangxi Hechi City People's Court Qin ordered the parents to pay compensation to the families of the victims of 108 thousand yuan (about USD 171 million). Qin was it incorporated into the rehabilitation program for three years.

In the trial it was revealed, the perpetrator invited the victim to come to his house, which is about 150 meters from his house, and killed him. Qin hit the victim with bench into unconsciousness.

After the Qin stabbed the victim with a kitchen knife, scissors and paper knife. Even Qin and later beheaded victims hands and put them in a bag.

Judges deliberate killing Qin Zhou. But because Qin was aged under 14 years then he could not sentenced to prison.


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