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Emma Watson Becomes Target movie "Beauty and The Beast"

There are many people who love the phenomenal stories like Beauty and the Beast. This classic fairy tale had been appointed to the films with different versions. Thumbs up much geared for success stories ever produced animated version of Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1991's. Now, many question whether Disney will repeat his success to present this classic tale with a new concept?

So far, Disney is releasing animated films based on the classic fairy tale. According to website Deadline, Thursday, March 14, 2013, Disney is in talks with British writer Joe Ahearne. This conversation to develop a live-action version of the story of the movie which have the shape of a beautiful girl, Belle, with the ugly character named Beast.

Ahearne last time working on scenarios for Danny Boyle's thriller filmed titled Trance. With involvement Ahearne, Disney hopes to have a darker tone to Beauty and the Beast.

However, it was rumored that the film projects that will be worked on different Disney Beauty and the Beast arable Guillermo del Toro. Reportedly the director is going to start filming this summer by installing a main star, Emma Watson.

As for the movie Beauty and the Beast belongs to Disney and Ahearne who live-action concept will be produced David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman.


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