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Farrah Abraham Ready to Sell $19 Billion porn video

Farrah Abraham finally admitted he made ​​a porn video. In fact, Farrah was evasive and grumpy when he first asked the truth of the video.

Farrah doing sex scenes with professional porn star, James Deen. According to the star's reality show Teen Mom, herself making pornographic videos only for private collections only. He wanted the moment to see if the youth is old age.

I'm a great woman, a mother and entrepreneur. I want to have their own personal video that I made and photos taken for myself. When I get older I will have the best time to see it again," he said as quoted by Aceshowbiz.

In contrast to Farrah, James even mention the video was made ​​for commercial purposes. Farrah also had been angry with his co-star, James Deen for leaking a video plan was too fast to the media.

Due to a personal collection, she was actually 21 years would not be a merchandise porn videos. However, he is ready to change his mind if the price offered is more than $ 2 million or approximately Rp19 billion.

//The video will not be sold for a bid of less than a few million dollars," he said.


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