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Style Gangnam fever also hit Artis Indonesia

Fever sung Gangnam Style Korean artists, Psy, the more sweeping the world society. Once in America, fever Gangnam Style recently also plagued the people of Indonesia.

A number of Indonesian artists from contracting the virus even Gangnam Style, one singer Vicky Shu. He had performed the song in the style of the hilarious musical program at an event. Not to forget, presenter Dewi Ayu was also affected by the motion of riding style Gangnam Style.

"I know this is rather late. I know of Vicky Shu. Because I'm not too up to date with things such things. But since Vicky dance moves and many times see youtube, the next I was a dancing-dancing," he said.
Ayu also admitted being pervaded the culture of Korea Indonesia recently. However, he hopes, the people of Indonesia can also be creative like Korean artists, however, does not mean merely imitate.

"Gangnam Style of Korea now mushroomed everywhere.'s Why the Indonesia must make something fun so famous throughout the world," said the presenter was hilarious.
Psy said, also dared to be different. Although different from other Korean artists who always want to look perfect in front of the screen, Psy remains confident with the performance of what it is. However, he could attract the attention of the audience with style and song kocaknya.

"He's not too young, if the average Korean singer saucy-looking, handsome, he used to be, but eventually could perform at the MTV Music Awards in America and recognized," the woman's bloody Java.
According to him, Indonesia also can enrich the variety of dance in communities. "Indonesia is not left behind, we can really enrich the dance community in Indonesia," he said.

"Perhaps the old name was no trend in duration gradually shifted sure," he said.


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