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Dark Story of Mysterious Death of Hollywood actor

Johnny Lewis while still affectionate with Katy Perry

Hollywood actor, Johnny Lewis suddenly found dead at the home of a grandmother. Lewis Cause of death is still mysterious. Authorities are still investigating the death.

There are no definite clues about the death of Katy Perry's ex-boyfriend. However, Lewis reportedly had mental health problems. And the officer suspected he was too 'dangerous' and a threat to society.

According to sources quoted from USMagazine, Lewis has a life story that gloomy and dark. He also entangled in legal problems. He is reportedly facing financial problems. And he also fell in drug cases, and became homeless. In addition, he also often involved in the theft.

Currently undergoing criminal action, Lewis never tried to get into a woman's house through a window. He also mentioned threatening with a deadly weapon. However, Lewis was denied when the trial. His case was, Lewis sentenced to prison for one year.

But he did not stay at the hotel without cost for one full year. Due to good behavior, he was released more quickly. Freedom of Lewis alarming police and courts. They are afraid of the behavior of the actors who starred in "The Sons of Anarchy". Officers warned Lewis is dangerous to others.

"The defendant will continue to be a threat to every society around him," said the source.

And what officials feared it happen. A few days after his release from prison, Lewis commit brutal acts that threaten the lives of many people. Sources claimed Lewis had a psychopathic trait.


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