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Story Broken Heart Beautiful Star "Harry Potter"

Behind the beauty and cheerful demeanor, and understated, it turns out Emma Watson save a sad story about romance. He claimed to have made ​​a broken heart by a man. He felt unrequited love.

Star of "Harry Potter" is to admit failure affair it bluntly. She told me when she was 12 years old, he had a crush on a guy. Unfortunately, love is not reciprocated. The man did not respond to him. Who is that guy?

Men who did not realize it was Watson heartstrings opponent in the movie "Harry Potter", Tom Felton. Admittedly Watson, crush it with a cast of Draco Malfoy. His heart was broken when Felton only know him as a brother.

"I really fancied by Tom Felton. I always wanted to go early in the morning (the set) and see if he would be shooting schedule," Watson said as quoted from Femalefirst.

Even at that time, he was still very young, he is already understood a handsome man. And incidentally Felton older than him. He was captivated by the opponent.
"He was older than me. He really knew I liked it. I feel he related to everyone. He only thought of himself as my sister., And I was heartbroken made., And is still felt to this day," said Watson.


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