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Display Media Ireland Chest Kate Middleton Nude Photos

The court Britain has announced it will take legal action related to her topless photos circulating in the media Midlleton Italian and French. However, it apparently failed to dampen the publication of the photo. Now turn to the Irish media, Irish Daily Star, which featured topless photos of Prince William's wife.
According to the Irish Daily Star editor, Mike O'Kane, the photo will not be published in the tabloid edition of the Northern Ireland and UK editions. To the BBC, O'Kane said the loading of images that is causing outrage in the UK, but had no impact on the rest of Europe.

"The picture is not different from the prince's wife with pictures of celebrities who have been there before, such as Rihanna or Lady Gaga. Queen candidates he's not Irish," O'Kane said, quoted by the BBC.

The editor said the Irish Daily Star did not get the images directly. The newspaper known as The Star is reprinting the cover and inside pages of the French magazine Closer, which was to publish first. The decision to publish the photo Kate Middleton topless while on holiday in France, according to O'Kane is "part of their service to our readers."

"Of course many people are interested in it," he said.
Reportedly, Italian gossip magazine, Chi, also plans to put up pictures of topless Kate Middleton in a 26-page special edition next week. Both media, Closer and Chi is part of a group of media, Mandadori, owned by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.
Responses British palace

Palace spokesman said no comment on potential legal action regarding the publication of photographs of Kate Middleton in the Italian press. According to him, until now all still in the assessment phase.
"Each publication will have an impact. Extremely disappointing and sad when privacy Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at a relative's published," the spokesman said.
When the photo was taken, the royal couple is at home in France owned by the Queen's nephew, Lord Linley, in the Provence region.
There is no immediate response from the Prince William and Kate Middleton.
They are currently undergoing a nine-day tour of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific tradition to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The couple recently visited Borneo Rainforest Research Centre in Danum Valley.


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