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Billionaire Selling Fresh Air China in Cans

It's no secret that China is famous for its air pollution problem. While the government seems blind eye to handle, billionaire Chen Guangbiao acts with a unique way.

Man nicknamed 'Brother Biao' is sold in packs of canned fresh air for USD 0.80. Canned air is then given the brand "Chen Guangbiao: Nice Guy" and marketed in some areas of China such as Jinggang Mountain, Jiangxi province, and some minority areas of Taiwan. Packed fresh air coming from various regions of China and Taiwan.

"People just need to open the packaging, hold the nose, and a breath of fresh air in the box," said Chen.
Biao explained that there is a chip in the package that would close when the negative oxygen ions reach the maximum number. According to him, the air inside can also not be easy to get out because it has been compressed.

Although there was a strange and absurd, but Biao stated that he believes this product will be a success in the market. In fact, 100,000 air packs have been produced was immediately disappear in a matter of days.
Biao said that most of the proceeds will be donated to the military of China is currently maintaining Diayou Island.
Biao promised even if the buyer is not satisfied with a product, they may keep the packaging. Biao promised to buy bottled it again after 10 years at a price of U.S. $ 7 per pack.

Intrigued with the form of canned air in it? Here it is the product!


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