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Lady Gaga to Lindsay Lohan: Ignore the Haters

The fact that Lindsay Lohan had 66 outfit changes in her 88-minute-long turn in Lifetime's much maligned "Liz & Dick" was apparently not lost on costume junkie Lady Gaga. Either that or that Gaga has signed as LiLo's life coach -- 'cause the Mother Monster was one of almost zero humans who had something nice to say about Lindsay's comeback role as Elizabeth Taylor.

Gaga, who recently gal-palled around with LiLo during a Chateau Marmont sleepover, tweeted to her friend: "you did a beautiful job on Liz & Dick, Let no one bring u down, Liz didnt, they always try to knock the greats down a few pegs." Lindsay responded with a grateful

"thank you," gushing, "you are such an incredible force and that means the world to me." Lady G.: Pep-Talker to the Stars. (Jezebel)

Leighton Meester Goes Topless for Flaunt

As the end of "Gossip Girl" approaches next month, Blair Waldorf's headband and Chanel gloves are officially off -- along with her top. Leighton Meester showed off a sleek new haircut and a whole lot of skin in a racy, new photo shoot for the November cover of Flaunt magazine. "It was the best magazine cover shoot ever," says 26-year-old Meester, who gets felt up by another woman in one of the shots."Everyone was so open. The clothes were amazing and the pictures turned out great." The final episode of "Gossip Girl" airs on the CW on Dec. 17.

Brad Pitt: Gay Marriage and Drug Laws Should Not be Discussed Simultaneously

At Monday's "Killing Them Softly" premiere, MTV News asked Brad Pitt to weigh in on the results of the election, including some states' legalization of marijuana and gay marriage. After reiterating his long-standing support of equal marriage rights -- "Equality, absolutely, that's what defines us. It's what makes us great," -- he sounded off on the fact that drug laws have nothing to do with marriage laws.

"I do believe that we should be responsible for our own choices in talking about the drug laws, and that the drug war is an ultimate failure and that the billions and billions

of dollars that we've committed to it, there's got to be a better way," he said. "But there's real damage to drugs; that is not the same as with gay marriage. Since the last round [of elections], they've been linked in every article. I find that curious." (MTV)


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