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Kim Kardashian Booty Buys

Here are some pictures of Kim Kardashian and her big booty at Prestige Imports car showroom in Miami. I don’t know a ton about cars, but I do know that Kim Kardashian is checking out a car I could never afford on a blogger’s salary here: a brand-new, very rare Pagani Huayra. I’m not sure if this car is for her or her friend, I hope it’s for him because I cannot imagine the carnage that would ensue if she buys that thing. That’s a helluva car to drive with heels like that. And I’m even skipping the woman driver jokes! However, Kanye is getting the bill.

Jenny McCarthy Hottest Halloween 

If you thought you’ve seen the hottest this year’s celebrity Halloween costume you were wrong… Here is Jenny McCarthy dressed up as naughty lingerie wearing cat/bat thingy at her fortieth birthday/Halloween party.  I’m finding it hard to believe Jenny McCarthy just turned 40, especially since her rack is still in vintage condition. Now that’s a costume! Enjoy.


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